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Non-Invasive Ventilation

HME Specialists offers both Non-Invasive Ventilation (NIV) as well as Invasive Ventilation for patients with neuromuscular disease, thoracic restrictive disease, and chronic respiratory failure related to COPD.

NIV is the delivery of a respiratory support to a patient using an external interface. Unlike invasive ventilation, NIV does not interfere with the patient’s upper airways and preserves their ability to speak, cough, and swallow. NIV may be administered to a patient who is having difficulty ventilating and oxygenating due to acute respiratory distress, chronic respiratory conditions, surgical complications, asthma, comfort care or another respiratory failure.

How We Help

Our experienced Respiratory Therapists use state-of-the-art technology in portable ventilator units, suction equipment, and trach supply management. These ventilator management services allow patients and caregivers the ability as mobile as their home care environment allows.

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What is Non-Invasive Ventilation

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