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Respiratory Support

HME Specialists offers 24/7 clinical support for respiratory patients in non-invasive ventilation at home (NIVH). Patients with COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), CHF (chronic respiratory failure), and other chronic respiratory conditions receive comprehensive care from trained and certified respiratory therapists.

Patients on our NIVH services receive:

  • Onboarding, delivery and setup of equipment, device training, ongoing
    education, and ongoing supplies
  • Home assessments, patient assessment, disease education
  • Discussions about the benefits of therapy and compliance
  • Mask evaluations and fittings
  • 24/7 access to a respiratory therapist
  • Vent and care monitoring – remote monitoring and modem capability
  • Provider partnerships and access to clinical documentation and available
    compliance data
  • Clinical customer service – device qualifying criteria and education

Non-Invasive Ventilation at Home

Non-invasive ventilation at home (NIVH) has been studied extensively and shown to reduce hospitalization rates, reduce healthcare costs, and reduce mortality rates. In the United States, COPD affects more than 20 million Americans and is the fourth leading cause of death.

Early Initiation of NIVH

Studies shows that the faster NIVH begins, the greater the reductions in hospitalization and mortality. A 2022 study in the Respiratory Medicine Journal showed that COPD-CRF patients who started NIVH within the first week after diagnosis had the risk of death reduced by 43%; those who began NIVH between 8-15 days post-diagnosis had a 31% mortality reduction; those who began NIVH between 16-30 days had only a 16% reduction. The earlier NIVH is initiated in chronic respiratory patients, both the risk of death and the cost of treatment is greatly reduced.

Cost Savings Analysis

Mortality Reduction


0-7 Days


8-15 Days


13-30 Days

Source: Published in Respiratory Medicine (2022). Learn More.

How We Help

Our experienced Respiratory Therapists use state-of-the-art technology in portable ventilator units, and suction equipment. These ventilator management services allow patients and caregivers the ability as mobile as their home care environment allows.

How Ventilators Work:

Non-Invasive Home Ventilation

Positive airway pressure devices help COPD-CRF patients breathe better and enjoy longer and healthier lives. Having non-invasive ventilation at home reduces the risk of death and healthcare costs.

Tankless Oxygen

At home oxygen therapy is vital for patients with COPD-CRF as well as other respiratory conditions.
NIVH offers both stationary and portable tankless options, so your oxygen can go where you go.
Regain your independence and live your quality of life.

Airway Clearance 

Patients with chronic respiratory diseases may find chest wall oscillation from an airway clearance
vest helps break up mucus in the lungs. These portable vests help to clear mucus non-invasively.

What is Non-Invasive Ventilation?

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