Home Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen therapy is a treatment that provides you with supplemental oxygen. Although oxygen therapy may be common in the hospital, it can also be used at home. There are several devices used to deliver oxygen at home. Oxygen is usually delivered through nasal prongs (an oxygen cannula) or a face mask. Oxygen equipment can attach to other medical equipment such as CPAP machines and ventilators. Oxygen therapy can help you feel better and stay active. Learning all you can about oxygen therapy can help you feel more comfortable and confident. (American Lung Association)

How We Help

At HME Specialists, our goal is to provide our patients with care they need to live their life independently.  Home oxygen is essential to those living with chronic respiratory conditions or illnesses that restrict oxygen to the blood stream.  Our experienced Respiratory Clinicians carefully evaluate a patient’s preference, lifestyle, and medical needs to deliver oxygen therapy treatment.

What To Know About At Home Oxygen Therapy

Getting Started with a Home Oxygen Concentrator

A home oxygen concentrator is intended for home or institutional use and features the uninterrupted production of purified oxygen in a continuous flow of up to 10 liters per minute (lpm). Concentrators can be moved throughout the home or even transported at reasonable distances without interruption of power.

Getting Started with
Oxygen Cylinders

Oxygen Cylinders come in various sizes and are dispensed based on patient needs. Cylinders may be equipped with or without Oxygen Conserving Device and transported via strollers, wheelchair brackets/slings, or a carrying bag.

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