HME Specialists makes it easy to re-order your supplies and have them delivered directly to your door.

When to Re-order CPAP/BI-PAP Supplies

Every 3 months Every 6 months
Nasal Mask (1), Nasal Cushion (6) Non-Disposable Filters (1)
Full Face Mask (1), Mask Interface (3) Water Chamber (1)
Tubing (1),  Nasal Pillows (6) Headgear (1)
Disposable Filters (6) Chinstrap (1)

Customers of HME Specialists have options for re-ordering their medical supplies.

Select the option that works the best for you!

Speak to a Customer Service Representative 888-690-6500

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Checklist for re-ordering supplies

Ensure your current prescription is on file with us from your provider.

Provide your most updated insurance information.

Check your health insurance benefits coverage with regards to co-pay or co-insurance as payment is required before your order is delivered.

Helpful Tips:

  • Place your order when you have less than 2 weeks supply.
  • Let us know the amount of supplies you have left.
  • Remember to allow for processing time.
  • Based on your specific health insurance guidelines, re-supply orders are typically processed every 30 to 31 days from the last prescription we receive from your healthcare provider.
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